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Puppy Training - Puppy Perfect Pro description:

Puppy Perfect is a new Puppy Training app which can also be used for dog training older dogs. The app has a unique style and is very user friendly. A new Puppy Training app for Android which contains no ads and has a number of interactive tools to help train you dog.

To get the most out of your app be sure to set up a profile page for your pooch. Have more than one dog? No problem as this puppy training app supports multiple profiles.

Puppy Perfect features include:

A Profile Page for your Pooch where you can add a photo.
A Notifications section which highlights important considerations for new dog owners.
A Notes section where you can record your dogs training progress or any other information.
A Socialisation Planning tool to help Socialise your puppy in the first few weeks.
A Dog Training Section with lots of useful lessons for a well balanced dog.
A Schedule Planning tool to help consider how you will manage life with your new puppy.
A Resources Section with an Equipment List, Recommended Reading and Training Offers.
A Common Commands feature which is a quick reference guide containing illustrations and voice cues.

A new puppy training app or dog training app can be really useful for new owners. We believe that Puppy Perfect for Android is one of the best new puppy training apps currently on the market. We believe this as it offers an holistic approach to dog training and dog ownership. Puppy Perfect puppy training forces new owners to consider all aspects of dog ownership in a fun way and will help you to get on top of your new responsibilities and train your new puppy like a professional.

New puppy training should be a fun experience and will strengthen the bond you have with your new companion if done correctly. We have a ton of new features which we will be adding to this new puppy training app over time which we are truly excited about.

Puppy Perfect is a dog training app which contains NO ADS as we feel these can be annoying and detract from the enjoyment that comes from using our dog training app for Android.

Thank you for downloading Puppy Perfect, we hope you enjoy using it and we are sure that you will find it useful. We love to receive feedback regarding any improvements you would like to see so that we can make it even better.

Congratulations on your new addition and happy puppy training!

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User reviews

Great App! LOVE IT!! I have tried lots of dog training apps but so far this is the best hands down. I love that I can create multiple profiles for my dogs and keep notes for each one. (I have 3!) Definitely worth the money and its not littered with adds! Good Job and I look forward to future developments! = D

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Great app Really great app. Really helped me sort out the pup. Great information and techniques. And the fact that you can add more than one puppy is great idea. Easy to use even for a technophobe like me

John Hay avatar

John Hay

Great app A+

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Vanessa Hendren

I just got a new 8 week old puppy and this app has really helped me organize his schedule and mine! Wonderful!



A walk in the park Just got my first dog.... This taught me a lot and Fido is learning fast too.... WOOF! Top stuff