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RemoteXY: Arduino control PRO description:

RemoteXY is easy way to make and use a mobile graphical user interface for controller boards. Using the editor of mobile graphical interfaces, located on the site , you can make your own unique graphical user interface and load it into the controller. Using this mobile app you will be able to connect to the controller and manage with them through a graphical interface.
The graphical interface supports the following elements:
- Button;
- Switch;
- Select;
- Slider;
- Joystick;
- RGB color;
- LED;
- Level;
- Text print;
- Other design elements of the GUI.
Connection between the controller and the mobile device using:
- Bluetooth;
- WiFi client and access point;
- Ethernet by IP or URL;
The source code generator have support next controllers:
- Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Nano, Arduino MICRO;
- WeMos D1, WeMos D1 R2, WeMos D1 mini;
- NodeMCU V2, NodeMCU V3;
- The AirBoard;
Supported comunication modules:
- Bluetooth HC-05, HC-06 or compatible;
- Bluetooth BLE HM-10 or compatible;
- WiFi ESP8266;
- Ethernet Shield W5100;
Supported IDE:
- Arduino IDE;
- FLProg IDE;

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User reviews
Jean Albrecht avatar

Jean Albrecht

App works great with Bluetooth but I cannot get WiFi to connect. I set the ssid name in the .ino and all I see is A1-Thinker. I can talk to the ESP8266 WiFi module with Arduino and monitor. Looks like the the .ino is not changing the info on the ESP8266 module. I'm not sure how to change the port address with AT commands but I did change the IP, name. Some help please? I gave it a 5 because it works so good with Bluetooth.

Corey Backlund avatar

Corey Backlund

Great app. I've been using this for a while to build some neat arduino projects. The app has now been upgraded to support Android 6 devices and works perfectly.

Scott Pierce avatar

Scott Pierce

Good Works great with Bluetooth but I can't get WiFi to work at all. I can use my ESP8622 module with a plain Arduino program but not with RemoteXY. It won't set the SSID or connect to my phone or tablet.

Aron Randhawa avatar

Aron Randhawa

Fantastic work This app has made my project come to life. Thank you

Tinu Jangra avatar

Tinu Jangra

thenx bro