Rounded corners for your display.Theme with smooth curves like Galaxy S8.FREE

Give your phone a modern look with a rounded corners theme.

Now you can customize the corners of your screen and make it look smooth and very pleasing to the eye.

By using rounded corners, you can make a smooth transition between your phone's body and the screen. Remember, you can choose the color of the corners so that it matches the color of your phone.

What can you customize?
- The radius for each corner separately.
- The color of the corners.
- Each app may have its own settings.

Why Round Screen Corners Pro?
- Customization with a big amount of options.
- Clean interface.
- Ease of use.
- Here at Tools Bucket Lab, we focus on delivering a solid experience to our users.

What's new

Added compatibility to newer versions of Android.


Rajib Tripura avatar

Rajib Tripura

2018-08-19 Amazing perfectly ...

Matthew Smith avatar

Matthew Smith

2018-08-18 Such a silly idea. It makes me happy and I love it. You interact with the app once to set it up and then forget it exists except for the vain, rounded corner bliss.

Thapa'ž Anikesh!! avatar

Thapa'ž Anikesh!!

2018-08-17 When I open my key board in my samsaung j8 phone ,like it's corner shift down a bit even in recent buttons. Hope you will solve this problem . THANKYOU

prathmesh dungu avatar

prathmesh dungu

2018-08-17 Great app

Carlos B. avatar

Carlos B.

2018-08-16 Best rounded corner app ever. No ads. My phone is not AMOLED but I can't even tell the black color of the corners.looks like my phone originally has rounded corners

Μιχάλης Παπαϊωάννου avatar

Μιχάλης Παπαϊωάννου

2018-08-16 Perfect with no ads

Em Fernandez avatar

Em Fernandez

2018-08-15 Works! Half way... I have an xperia xz... Or curves the top corners. I don't see it curving the lower parts.

Dabhi Sanny avatar

Dabhi Sanny

2018-08-15 Yo yo san y

Zainur SiddiQ avatar

Zainur SiddiQ

2018-08-14 not bad

Jonathan Guerra avatar

Jonathan Guerra

2018-08-12 Awesome app, really recomended


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