Join Russian political struggle!

Welcome to the Russian political arena!

The struggle for power was and remains the main purpose and occupation of many Russian politicians. The methods of their political struggle acquire the most desperate forms.
Presidential elections are approaching, during which candidates for the post of head of our state will meet in a tense battle.

• 12 characters created on the basis of real Russian politicians;
• unique fighting skill of each character (blow by a gas pipe, throwing a strawberry, launching a quadrocopter, etc.);
• audiophrase of real politicians;
• various game locations;
• available campaign mode and fast combat option;
• record statistics: fight with friends in the fast game passing!

Good luck in your battle!

What's new

Fixed some minor bugs
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RusSian ViKtoR rus avatar

RusSian ViKtoR rus

2018-03-31 Putin is the best

Michael Guderian avatar

Michael Guderian

2018-03-21 Визуализация неплоха, но геймплей максимально примитивен. Также у меня были проблемы с тем, чтобы привыкнуть, что блок теперь - не клавиша назад.

tima_karpik YT avatar

tima_karpik YT

2018-03-21 Офигенная игра)))))))

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-03-02 Отличная игра

John Mctory avatar

John Mctory

2018-04-26 Make the same for Iran

Jose A cadenas avatar

Jose A cadenas

2018-04-14 Pretty creative concept.....d'obra!!!!

Ilya Nizovcev avatar

Ilya Nizovcev

2018-03-22 Very good

Marivic Dela Cruz avatar

Marivic Dela Cruz

2018-04-17 I look to meet Shnur

Said Gamidinov avatar

Said Gamidinov

2018-04-07 типичное 💩

April Dean avatar

April Dean

2018-06-18 SUPER AWESOME and fun



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