eShiksha Empowered an enhanced learning mobile app for SBI Life employees.

Many learners are no longer tied to a desk or to a schedule, so give them the flexibility to complete their assignments while on the go. Eshiksha Empowered mobile app lets them complete their coursework on their tablets or phones, even while offline! And then when they are back online, the mobile application automatically syncs with the LMS. Eshiksha Empowered mobile app gives learners greater flexibility by letting them use their mobile devices throughout the learning process. Online (web based) and mobile learning are completely synchronized, so learners can complete assignments and assessments at their convenience.

Below are some of the features of Eshiksha Empowered Mobile App:

• Any mobile compatible SCORM 1.2 compliant courses or games
• ToDo for Quizzes and Survey
• Notifications and alerts
• Assessments & quizzes
• Course feedback
• Opinion poll
• Discussion forum
• User progress chart
• Category wise look up search
• Highly secured i.e. downloaded content are not sharable
• Data stores in encrypted format for added security
• User Session Management
• Modal notification in addition to the task bar notification

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A Google user

2018-11-27 Gud

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sonam Ryder

2018-11-27 Ok

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Umesh S

2018-11-21 Good

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Priya Ranjan

2018-11-21 Nice app

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A Google user

2018-11-21 Must for me

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Mousum Gogoi

2018-11-20 Its a propet one .

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A Google user

2018-11-14 Thank you

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niraj kumar

2018-11-29 Useless application



2018-11-29 Knowledgeable application......

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Adithya neeli

2018-11-27 A perfect app


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