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Welcome to Signing Exact English! An easy and simple to use app. Getting started is a snap!

Select the Dictionary Tab to access over 4000 signs.

Select Categories to access Affixes, Alphabet, and Numbers.

Press the Star to save your favourites in the Favourites Tab for easy references and frequent use.

Enjoy! - S.E.E. Support
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User reviews
Elizabeth Riddel avatar

Elizabeth Riddel

Love this app. Love that it is videos and not pictures. Easy to use, and handy in classroom setting. One problem, is when I look up the word children it brings up the video for chicken, chief, child, and children. Don't know if this is an issue with other people. It is not like that on the iPhone I checked. I have an Android. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it still does it.

Zachary Tan avatar

Zachary Tan

Outstanding app for see! I'd like to request however. In the white spaces below the video, if it could be utilised, by filling it with the text explanation of the sign, I feel that it'll aid us in learning, seeing and reading how it is done. Also another pet peeve I have about it, when I pres the back button it exits the app, if it could be programmed to take me back instead of exiting the app that be great. Also the option to favourite a word while inside the video as I don't see that option to favourite, other than in the main "dictionary" page. Do hope you'll take that into consideration to further optimize this wonderful app. Other than that perfect SEE

Lorraine Nickel avatar

Lorraine Nickel

Finally a SEE dictionary. I'm telling all my peers about this. Don't be surprised if you see up to 15 downloads in the next while. I thought of making one myself and never got around to it. You did a wonderful job. If you are thinking of expanding the app, would it be possible to add some modern words like 'email', 'Internet' etc. Even slang such as 'whatever', 'loser' get the gist ☺. It would be spectacular to have a SEE resource join us in the 21st century. I did notice some additions so bravo ?

A Google user avatar

A Google user

Hi...i'm so thankful to have this app..because i'm a special education teacher for deaf students. Anyhow, i got a problem in using it. It works perfectly at begining and now i try to update my shows unfortunately, SEE has stopped even i tried to update by wireless. Can i know why?

Bernadette Ang avatar

Bernadette Ang

A very gd book to use. Made simple n useful. Actually I downloaded this apps in my iPhone, but I'm using android n iPhone, was wondering why I need to pay again.