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Segoe Print FlipFont description:

FlipFont™ changes the user interface font on your phone.

Segoe Print Latin FlipFont
Segoe Print is neither masculine nor feminine, overly expressive nor dull. Highly legible and still projecting personal warmth, it’s a handwriting font that can be perfect for a variety uses.

Pan-European character set
supports Western, Central and Eastern European languages.

Attention! Please check the following before you purchase.
Go to Setting->Display, check if you see "Font syle" in the menu (FF icon in the font list).
If not, that mean your device does not support FlipFont.

Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy devices, except the Google Play Edition.
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User reviews
Sarah Carlson avatar

Sarah Carlson

Way to big. Needs to be sized much smaller so that on the "tiny" setting it doesn't look HUGE. It just doesn't work. I love the font style, but I'll never use it if it can't be fixed.

Alton Thompson avatar

Alton Thompson

The design is crisp, easy to read, distinctive, and energetic. Installs quickly and we're ready to roll. Adds a nice diary-style touch, yet it's versatile enough to carry the load: icon labels, messages, menus, app screens, games. Well done.

Raven CL avatar

Raven CL

Can the fonts use in korean words? Can it make it? Really need reply !

R Ran avatar

R Ran

Happy with this font so far. Looks great on my Samsung galaxy S3. Very smart.

Jessi Glass avatar

Jessi Glass

This font is perfect! I love everything thing about it.