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This app is for patients of the NHS Waterloo Health Centre. SmartMed is a digital health service allowing patients registered with the NHS Waterloo Health centre diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to manage their own condition from the comfort of home, work, school, holidays or anywhere. PLEASE NOTE: In order to use this app you must firstly be assigned to the SmartMed programme by your NHS healthcare provider, in this case Waterloo Health ( and be in possession of a valid SmartMed username and authentication PIN. This version of the SmartMed HomeCare app has been specifically designed for use in the Diabetes Self-Management trial for NHS Waterloo Health. It enables patients already diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels, blood pressure and general wellbeing without having to visit the health centre. The data captured via this app is uploaded to the SmartMed Clinical Portal at the health centre, where qualified doctors can monitor your progress and make timely interventions if required. This might include changes to diet or exercise, help or advice or even modifications to medication and arranging clinic appointments. To take part in this trial, please contact the Waterloo Health Centre. If you qualify, you will then be provided with a SmartMed patient account and an Agamatrix Wavesense Jazz wireless Bluetooth glucometer. Optionally you may also be provided with a Taidoc Blood Pressure meter should your doctor feel this is necessary. You will also receive training materials and user guides. You will then be asked to use the app to take regular readings which may be several times per day, daily, weekly or longer depending on your particular circumstances and what your doctor advises. These will be uploaded to the Waterloo Health Centre where they are monitored by qualified clinical staff. Any major problems are alerted by a red, amber, green light system so that the clinician can contact you or make interventions if required. Home monitoring with SmartMed empowers you, the patient, to take control of managing your own condition. It gives peace of mind and enables you to get on with your everyday life without the need for regular clinic check-ups.
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