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Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game
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Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game description:

Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to become a Master Hitman.

- 3D graphics
- Multiple TARGETS and Scenarios!
- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREME MISSIONS
- Mini sniper puzzles
- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. More chapters coming soon!
- Layout fully optimized for smartphones and tablets!

Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losing your job!

Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!

Download Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game now and don't miss amazing updates!
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Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game 2.9.2 for Android 2.2 APK file

Version: 2.9.2 for Android Android 2.2

Update on: September 17 15

Signature: 42fac879a431fc2a5199d4de765d5e15848bd0c3

Size: 48.56 MB (50,914,499 bytes)

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User reviews
Mirull Rev avatar

Mirull Rev

This game can be better.. I love to play this game to release my tension..but sometime it added more tension to me.. i could not pass the last chapter because of that 90 please try to make some sniper with a grenade bullet (can afford by gold.) to ease me and others :) and more importantly..make the aim system can be choose between 'tilt' and 'swipe'.. sometimes i want to play this game in car..i'd aimed the target but the car turned and my target had passed me.. so far the game was good :D

Antonio Fasan avatar

Antonio Fasan

Long time player Sit down and listen to a person who had been playing before the big baby rifle was even in the game the motion control makes sense once you play for a bit and after a while you might even see that the recommended rifle might not be the best one for the mission. Also great replay ability

TheSeeHox avatar


Love Best fps ever created. Better than any cod to date. This game is better than sex. All I need is a bottle of water and this game and the rest of the world can just leave. Why they don't charge 80 bux for this game is beyond me. My child is hungry right now but I'm gonna just keep playing. In short, meh, but if I give it five stars, they'll send me updates!!!

Mira Amoeba avatar

Mira Amoeba

I love it! I'd downloaded it before on my old phone. There were no ads back then, and moving the phone around to aim was alot easier. I feel like there are simply too many ads, in a sense that the ads pop up way too quickly. I'm glad to see more situations (eg. PSY fraud) too! I also hope there will be other ways to obtain other guns besides paying using real money.

Raymond Casillas avatar

Raymond Casillas

Really? Rate 5 stars for extra stuff? Simple easy to use. Lots of fun! But I don't like that as soon as u start the game you're offered some bonus stuff if you rate 5 stars, while you have barley played the game. Then you can't leave the game during a level or you loose all the missions, wich means you get stuck with the adds during gameplay. Game is OK, but that's it.