In Star Wars™: Force Arena, players will fight in some of the most intense real-time multiplayer battles in the galaxy!Lead...

In Star Wars™: Force Arena, players will fight in some of the most intense real-time multiplayer battles in the galaxy!

Lead your own customized squad of Star Wars™ units into intense action-packed skirmishes requiring both elevated strategy and direct control.

Unleash powerful abilities that can single-handedly turn the tide of battle as you deploy a wide array of special cards to reach your ultimate goal: the destruction of your opponent’s shield generator.

Star Wars™: Force Arena seamlessly blends a robust character collection system, advanced upgrades, and intuitive touch controls to deliver the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

Lead your squad. Master the arena!

● BATTLE or join forces with other players and friends from around the globe in real-time 1v1 or 2v2 PvP arena battles.

●LEAD a team of iconic Star Wars™ troops, including Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, General Grievous, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and even new Star Wars™: The Last Jedi characters such as Rey and Kylo Ren!

● COLLECT character cards and upgrade your favorites Star Wars™ units while leveraging powerful character duos that boost your effectiveness in battle.

● COMPETE to earn rewards, special characters and other bonus items by participating in events as you climb to the top of the leaderboards on your journey for galactic dominance!

※ This app offer in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.

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Danny Walt Miller avatar

Danny Walt Miller

2018-08-02 296 Mb file download froze at 84%

Nadiah Najib avatar

Nadiah Najib

2018-08-02 awesome

Michael Siens avatar

Michael Siens

2018-08-02 Good game, its pay to be #1, im not looking to be #1. Match making does suck a little, but it is possible to beat people higher lvl than you

Torie Augello avatar

Torie Augello

2018-08-02 Great game lots of fun, 1v1 rank battles can use some tweaking I always seem to go against someone a couple tiers higher then me. Haven't spent any money and doing just fine, you can pay to get a fast track to higher tiers n cards, but for me it's more fun grinding. Plus I got a great guild.

CStratus avatar


2018-08-02 Pay to win/advantage with repetitive gameplay along side cheesy tactics. No sort of honest or balanced competitive gameplay. 2/5 because the graphics are decent

Blood Letter avatar

Blood Letter

2018-08-02 Game isnt fun so P2W darkside is always against lightside that's way higher lvl makes it really frustrating to play cuz ppl just buy everything its really annoying and frustrating that this game went P2W

Abigail Flanigan avatar

Abigail Flanigan

2018-08-02 It is unfair to have the light side take control of the darkside units causeing a waste of energy to one side. It is unfair.

John-Luc Giddings avatar

John-Luc Giddings

2018-08-02 Pay to win. Stay away, unless you like your wallet empty. Unbalanced game mechanics, example: a light side unit that stuns all units. Yes even epic units like a gigantic AT-ST. Little did the rebel alliance know that they just needed EMP balls to win against the empire.

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-08-01 Kartik 1212

Ramona K avatar

Ramona K

2018-08-01 Please buff Krennic's Unique Death Trooper , his health is too damn low for 5 energy! And please nerf BB-8's convert Tech units time , he can convert Tech units too damn fast!


@Netmarble Corporation

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【クローズドβテスト開始!テリアサーガを100%楽しめる期間限定イベント開催中!】==============快感!キャラコンRPGテリアサーガ ゲーム紹介==============▼リアルタイム操作で戦場を駆け抜けよ!戦闘システムはリアルタイムユニットバトル。計5体のキャラクターを一気に操作し、強力なスキルを叩き込め!君の操作ひとつで戦況が大きく変化するぞ!お手軽に楽しみたい人はAUTOモードで簡単プレイが可能。▼逃げて、狙って、大逆転!戦いを熱くする戦略要素が満載!敵の攻撃をうまく避け、チャンスを見計らって反撃せよ!スキル操作は使いたい場所にスワイプするだけの簡単操作!君自身の手で描くマグナリンクとサマナーアーツを駆使して勝利を掴め!▼最大4人まで同時に遊べるリアルタイムマルチモード!マルチモードでは、強敵を相手に4人で協力プレイが可能。それぞれが個々に動き回り、ステージ上で駆け巡る!うまく連携を取り、大型ボスやギミック要素を攻略せよ!▼個性溢れる3Dキャラクターがイラスト付きで登場!綺麗なグラフィックでカッコイイ、かわいい個性溢れる3Dキャラクターが100種以上。ボイスつきで迫力満点のスキルアクションは必見!お気に入りのキャラクターを見つけて、自分だけのパーティを組んで冒険に出発しよう!【公式サイト】【公式Twitter】※このゲームはタブレット型端末上からでもご利用いただけます。※クローズドβ版では有料アイテムの購入はできません。[利用規約][プライバシーポリシー]

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마구마구2017 for Kakao

[12월 20일 업데이트]1. 클럽 홈런 레이드 추가 - 이제 매주 수/일요일 클럽원과 힘을 모아 상대클럽과 홈런 결투를!2. 클럽 개인 상점...

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◆ Skill Strategy RPG SoulKing! ◆Install Soulking now and fully enjoy this RPG!1. Additional mission guide. - Advance through the...

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SoulKing Global

SoulKing official OpeningLog in every day for 7 daysand get the best characters and equipment the game has to offer!Various...

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Star Wars™: Force Arena

In Star Wars™: Force Arena, players will fight in some of the most intense real-time multiplayer battles in the galaxy!Lead...

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