Sydney Pollen Count and Forecast by Uni of West. Sydney & Campbelltown Hospital

The Sydney Pollen Count App provides real-world pollen count data during the Sydney grass pollen season (October 1 to December 31) as generated by the University of Western Sydney and Campbelltown Hospital. It also provides a year round 7 days forecast of grass pollen levels in Sydney, Australia.

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2018-01-29 Bloody useless. They stopped doing pollen counts at least 6 months ago.

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A Google user

2017-01-23 Not working for me. The forecast is constantly low, even as sydney has a hot westerly blowing. You would have to be taking something stronger than antihistamines to believe that. The app is a great idea but no information is better than wrong information.

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Julie Marsden

2016-11-05 Good app as it gives me a rough idea on what meds I need to have handy

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Megan J

2016-09-25 I've only used this app for a few days it is interesting to see my symptoms differ to others possibly reflecting other known environmental allergies I have and differences in areas within NSW

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Tim Blaxland

2018-10-22 Forecast is always low, even after pollen counting season started.

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Penelope Kerr

2018-10-14 Very limited. Amazing to have no pollen readings for months

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Elizabeth S

2018-09-04 New interface appears to function

@University of Melbourne

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