UDBapp is the best way for marching ensembles to learn and clean drill.

UDBapp is the best way for marching ensembles to learn and clean drill. By simply importing your Pyware 3D file, you'll be able to interact with your drill in ways you've never been able to before. The unique format of Ultimate Drill Book’s popular layout is now in your hands with special customization options not available anywhere else.

New in version 2.0.0:

- UDBapp now reads Pyware 3D files!
- Measure numbers displayed from production sheet
- Smooth animations with music playback
- Yard line crossing counts automatically calculated
- Step size for each set displayed
- Production notes available directly from Pyware
- Add individual notes with pictures and diagrams
- Multiple custom views
- New preferences
- Stability improvements

Features for Students

Watch the drill animation while listening to the music.
View your individual coordinate sheet for sets in a song or counts in a set.
Follow your drill count by count with live updating coordinates.
UDB view shows curved and straight-line path information for previous and next sets.
Student leadership can access any other student’s drill information.
Learn and clean drill in seconds after it's been exported from Pyware by the designer.

Features for Directors and Staff

Tap any performer to view coordinate and UDB view information.
Change field perspective (performer/director).
Easily add/delete drill files in your ensemble's account directly from your app.
Learn and clean drill in seconds after it's been exported from Pyware by the designer.


Custom view options allowing you to use UDBapp with just one hand
Easily find your midway points and yard line crossing counts
Easily switch between UDB View and Field View
Customization display options for surrounding performers
No confusing user interfaces

What's new

UDBapp is now ready to be used for indoor percussion, indoor color guard, SoundSport, DrumLine Battle, and more! New features include:
- Support for floor covers from grid designer
- Support for floor covers from floor cover prop tool
- Improved zooming features
- Symbol and font size optimizations
- Bug fixes and stability improvements


Aaron Rollins avatar

Aaron Rollins

2018-09-19 Ot was great until the update. Every time I change the dot colors of each section, it returns them to their original color whenever I leave the piece. Also, the field is always zoomed way out whenever I open a file and the numbers cover part of the drill now.

Cocamo Jack avatar

Cocamo Jack

2018-09-17 Yassss

Julie A avatar

Julie A

2018-09-13 Everything was fine until the new update. Now the whole chart resets Everytime I turn my phone screen off. The drill also lags behind when the music is playing. If this is fixed it would be a big help!

Allison Villa avatar

Allison Villa

2018-09-09 Everything was great until the new update, I can't even get in and it tells me I don't have an account when I try to get a new password

David Kerr avatar

David Kerr

2018-09-07 Not functional, at least on android. Screen lags to an unusable degree. Fix it.

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-09-06 It was fine until the newest update. Now I can't even download it on my phone.

Tristan Knight avatar

Tristan Knight

2018-09-06 The app worked well for me until the recent update. Everything lags by several seconds except the music. (Button presses take several seconds to register, and when I play the show the music far outpaces the drill). The drill display is also mangled, zoomed out and covered with ticks rendering it unreadable.

Luis Gomez avatar

Luis Gomez

2018-09-05 I can't even sign in anymore after the update. The forgot password feature doesn't work either.

Cole Frishman avatar

Cole Frishman

2018-09-04 The app was fine until the new update. Now it closes out of the drill everytime the phone screen goes off. The new update slows down rehersal quite a bit since you have to open up the drill each time and that's a slow process.

Alex Blanchet avatar

Alex Blanchet

2018-09-01 After yesterday's update, when looking at drill it is un-usable please help your friends in the UCMB with this app on Android!


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