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WhatsApp Wallpaper description:

Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp Messenger

To use our wallpapers:
1) install and launch WhatsApp Messenger
2) start a conversation with a friend
3) choose Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp
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Older version of WhatsApp Wallpaper APK
WhatsApp Wallpaper 2 for Android 2.1 APK file

Version: 2 for Android Android 2.1

Update on: September 17 15

Size: 4.89 MB (5,131,674 bytes)

Download APK (5 MB)

WhatsApp Wallpaper 1 for Android 2.1 APK file

Version: 1 for Android Android 2.1

Update on: May 24 11

Size: 4.75 MB (4,979,590 bytes)

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User reviews
A Google User avatar

A Google User

Single wallpaper across the board for ever one This should have ideally allowed separate wallpapers per chat. What they have right now is a single generic wallpaper across the board. Ideally I should be able to set Guns as the background for hunting buddies and books for school team mates.. Hearts for girlfriend etc.... That would also make it easier to know which chat box we are in.

A Google User avatar

A Google User

Lovely They're great. I would love more wallpapers in this pack, but hey it's free AND doesn't have sketchy permissions for data mining, so I'm satisfied. One thing though: why is the icon for this app the Galaxy wallpaper that Samsung phones had in earlier Android versions? Because that wallpaper is not in the pack itself (unfortunately)....

Chris Miller avatar

Chris Miller

You can't complain. You get exactly what you see in the screenshot on the play store along side 10 more wallpapers, give or take. I have seen many people reviewing the wallpapers and putting suggestions on what should be added in, I am using lollipop and there is an option to use images in you library, I say this for anyone who is using the same OS as me and feels that they would like a more personal wallpaper.

Niraj Rai avatar

Niraj Rai

Amazing Its so awesome app.. Takes low networking charges... Fluent.... And sharing vids and voice mssg r just mind blowing... But sadly one big drawback of this app is.. Its not free :'( it will take charges after 1 year but my 1 year is not completed... So m gonna enjoy it my fullest

Alana Folkes avatar

Alana Folkes

Private conversations only Wats app iz really useful mi 2 cause wen I have no bundles, credits n money on my cell I can always look forward 2 using wats app 4 free wit no charge. I can talk n sends pics n do all sorts of stuff 4 free peeps.