DU Caller is the best caller ID app. It helps you identify unknown number and block unwanted calls. With the...

DU Caller is the best caller ID app. It helps you identify unknown number and block unwanted calls. With the world’s largest phone number database, DU Caller provides an easy and free way to say goodbye to harassing calls.

DU Caller is totally FREE, without any in-app purchases.

DU Caller is multi-lingual, and with the world’s largest phone number database, you can use it wherever you are!

Key Features:

★ Caller ID

DU Caller shows true caller IDs instead of unknown numbers, so you can always know who is calling before you pick up.
- Shows full Contact ID info, including names, types, numbers, addresses, and operators.
- A red-colored automatic warning appears to indicate harassing calls.
- Speedy phone number recognition: the app provides a one-second phone number recognition function.

★ Call Recorder

DU Caller provides high quality sound for easy call recording. This lets you record any phone call you want and choose which recordings to save, you can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored.

- Provides automatic call recording, and allows you to delete recordings conveniently.
- Use the manual recording functions to start recording in the middle of a conversation.
- Set password protection to keep your recordings secure.
- Manage your recordings easily. View recordings by contacts and dates.

★ Call Blocker – Blacklist

DU Caller is a perfect call blocker, which can instantly hang up on numbers on the blacklist. Just add a number to the blacklist and we’ll do the rest.

- No more voicemai: Prevent spam callers from leaving voicemail.
- Automatic spam blocker: Block calls from common numbers, hidden numbers, overseas numbers, and numbers that are not in your contacts.
- Block calls easily: It takes only one click to block spam calls, or you can create a personal blacklist.
- Customizable blacklist: You can add any numbers to the blacklist, including your ex, debt collectors, and salespeople.
- You will be notified of the call after we block it.

★ SMS blocker - Junk SMS Folder
- Automatically identify unknown SMS and block spam SMS
- Quick view and reply the latest SMS.
- Keep all your junk spam SMS away from your Inbox

★ Call History Scan – Have you ever checked your call history and wondered: who called me? DU Caller scans every unknown caller to protect your security.

★Friends Search – Not only can you search unknown callers by number, but you can also search names to find people you want to contact. With DU Caller’s vast database of phone numbers, you can easily perform a reverse phone number search on any caller.

★ Secret Call Protection - Hide your secret calls to protect your privacy. Add secret contacts to the protected list, and all the call logs between you will automatically disappear.

★ Smart Dialer – Use our smart dialer to quickly search in your call logs and contacts, and enjoy the smoothest dialing experience! DU Caller does not replace, change or interfere with your phone’s dialing application.

Why should you choose DU Caller - Caller ID & Recorder
- What app will immediately give you a detailed caller ID for an unknown number? It’s DU Caller.
- When you don’t know where to find your old friends, what app will help you search for their numbers? It’s DU Caller.
- When you need to record a phone call save as evidence, what app will record the call for you? It’s DU Caller.

Download DU Caller – Caller ID, makes it quick and easy to record and block calls!

What's new

--- User experience optimization.
--- Bugs fixed. Much faster and more stable.


Manoranjan Singh avatar

Manoranjan Singh

2018-11-08 Good

Saim Sair avatar

Saim Sair

2018-11-07 nice ca

Steven Coats avatar

Steven Coats

2018-11-07 Works well so far. I hate spam calls and if this slow d or stops them I will y a happy camper.

Kevin Moore avatar

Kevin Moore

2018-11-05 Love this app

Mohd Qamar avatar

Mohd Qamar

2018-11-05 Yet to download

Colt45Smoke !!! avatar

Colt45Smoke !!!

2018-11-04 Don't know yet, but how is it that 99.9% of the commenters number one word of choice happens to be, "USEFUL".?.?.?.!.?

Sohail Ansari avatar

Sohail Ansari

2018-11-03 Very nice software

Rudy M. avatar

Rudy M.

2018-11-02 Great App so far!

A Google user avatar

A Google user

2018-11-02 Love it

kannan chemist avatar

kannan chemist

2018-11-02 Fine...



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