Welcome to Zen Rewards – the easiest way to earn free gift cards and money on your paypal account! Zen...

Welcome to Zen Rewards – the easiest way to earn free gift cards and money on your paypal account!
Zen Rewards is a new simple and free money making app for you and your whole family. The best thing in this app is that you can earn cash and earn rewards without doing much. All it takes is to install our app, and we will take care of the rest. YES, you don't have do to anything except doing some basic things like downloading some apps or completing some offers on your smartphone or tablet and you will get paid directly to your Paypal account or you will get some free gift cards to spend on Amazon and many more!
We reward you Points for some daily tasks. After doing those tasks you will earn Points which you can easily redeem into Paypal money or Gift Cards.

Why choose to make money with Zen Rewards instead of other money making apps?

• Easy :
✓ We have a very Easy Interface to use, so everyone can use it simply without watching any tutorials

• Free :
✓ Our earn rewards & earn cash app is FREE and it will stay Free forever, so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription. Everything is free here!

• Fast :
✓ We have designed our app to let you, your family and your friends make extra cash by referring each other to use Zen Rewards!

• Many rewards:
✓ You can redeem your points to many rewards that we have inside our app. You can get real cash to your Paypal account or choose to get a free gift card to spend on Amazon and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much I can earn?
The sky is the limit! Even when you complete all the offers for the day you can refer your friends and share you unique link with others to earn up to 50% of their earnings!
You can earn anywhere from $2 to more than $100 every month as some users are doing!

When are rewards paid out?
All rewards are paid within 48 hours or sooner GUARANTEED! If you do not receive your reward during this time we will double it for the delay and send you double the reward! That's how sure we are in our system and the payouts.

What Gift Cards do you offer?
List of some Gift Cards
Google play gift card
iTunes gift card
Amazon gift card
PlayStation Network Card
Xbox Live
Facebook Credits

How do I earn more Points?

You can make a good income from Zen Rewards by owning a YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and promote your link and earn up to 50% of your referral rewards. Email us at [email protected] for more information and for a higher referral bonus!

On iOS device, open http://www.zenrewards.net/ in Safari browser to access more offers and rewards.

Stay Connected!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenrewards
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenRewards
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

What are you waiting for ? Download Zen Rewards now and enjoy earning extra cash for free!



Buchaiah Chowdary avatar

Buchaiah Chowdary

2018-04-24 Hai to zen rewards team.. I had a doubt? I had completed 600 points and i clicked on paypal balance 2$. They said you will get an mail but upto now i didnt get any mail and no paypal balance.. Is it fake or genuine.

Rhonda Romlonde avatar

Rhonda Romlonde

2018-04-08 Just started this app, not sure what to expect. But hoping this is legit as far as payouts.

_king_ Banna_ avatar

_king_ Banna_

2018-02-26 Tha

Dimond Star Tm Hinjilicut avatar

Dimond Star Tm Hinjilicut

2018-04-06 Tk

Kenneth Barata avatar

Kenneth Barata

2017-11-02 Use invitation code QCI1P earn 20p. Good luck :)

Jonathan Madrid Solis avatar

Jonathan Madrid Solis

2017-10-28 Not safe

Zul Haqim avatar

Zul Haqim

2018-02-14 SSTTSS

Rhonda. D. thompson avatar

Rhonda. D. thompson

2018-02-13 i like.it let you know more when i try to cash out points

ravindra kambhampati avatar

ravindra kambhampati

2018-03-30 It is not getting any surveys.. if yo wont give surveys how can i earn points and not sure about getting points while installing apps. Not getting points for installing apps

Gabrielle Telles avatar

Gabrielle Telles

2018-03-23 It's truthful app, I actually received my payment and when I had an issue with an offer that didn't reward me, their support helped me and credited the points. But I have uninstalled the app because it takes too long to get any points. Very very slow.

@Zen Rewards

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